Saturday, 16 May 2015

Daddy Daughter Yoga

Today, my husband Anth and our daughter Izzy attended a Daddy and baby yoga class.  As Anth works through the week he only gets to spend quality time with Izzy during the weekend. I think it's so important for him to have one-to-one time with Izzy and what better way to do this than in a baby yoga class.

Who's ready for baby yoga? "I am!"

The class is run by a lovely lady called Stacey who is the owner of Much Loving Touch. She specialises in baby massage and yoga.

Stacey demonstrating the yoga stretches with her doll James


Yoga has so many benefits for babies,

  • Increase bond between parent and baby
  • Increase social interaction between parent and baby and also baby to baby
  • Joint relaxation helps parent & baby to communicate non-verbally 
  • Increase and improve sleep patterns
  • Help to relieve the symptoms of colic and constipation
  • Help to strengthen babies and parents muscles
  • Stimulate the nervous system through touch, movement and rhyme

Daddy and baby classes are also a great way for Dads to meet other Daddies in the local area.

Izzy and I have completed baby massage and yoga courses with Stacey. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and met some lovely Mummies who have now become great friends.

I highly recommend baby massage and yoga classes, 
It's a lovely way to spend one-to-one time with your baby. The classes are structured and fun with lots of songs and rhymes. Each class starts with a warm up section that includes a 'hello' song, then the main stretches and finally a lovely relaxation section with soothing music.

Anth and Izzy loved taking part in the class and will be practicing their yoga moves at home :)

If you live in the North East and would like to take part in a baby massage or yoga class you can contact Stacey on the details below.


Much Love,
Pippa x