Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Colour Craft Wish List

My Colour Craft Wish List

This collection has got me very excited. There is a strong feeling of summery happiness, hot days and long nights that surrounds the colour craft collection, very appealing.

I would like everything from the collection but as I am not a multi-millionaire I have selected my favourites and listed them below

Colour Crafted (milky pink frost)
Madly Creative

Mineralised Skin Finish Trio
Smooth Merge

Mineralised Blush
Hand Finished
Daft Pink

Mineralised Skin Finish

Porcelain Pink

As I have very fair skin (NW15) I think the other blushes and skin finishes would be too dark for me. I'm also skipping the brushes, I'm on the waiting list for the Sigma brush set. The glosses look good but I'm more of a lipstick girl. However, once they are in front of me I may change my mind :)