Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tag: Honest Scrap

I've not been tagged but I liked the idea of this post.

10 things you don't know about me.

1, I have lived in 4 different counties in the UK, Staffordshire, West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Tyne and Wear - where I live now.

2, I have veneers and my top four front teeth, it was extremely painful and cost a fortune, but well worth it.

3, I have only recently got to know my Dad and half sister. I'm so glad about it, I sort of feel whole now.

4, I once auditioned for Pop Idol.

5, I have a condition called Occularalbinism and I hate it, it means I won't ever tan and I have appalling eyesight :(

6, I am an Office Manager

7, I would like to get married before I am 30, I'm 27 in a months time.........

8, I have done the Great North Run which is a famous half marathon in Tyne and Wear.

9, I have a degree in Business Management

10, I love to sleep, I love naps and my nap will be for exactly 2 hours.

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